Dynamic Athletes offers Guaranteed Results...

This is what your athlete can expect each week:

  • Improving confidence for sports performance.
  • Developing the foundations of strength.
  • Learning the dynamic skills to encourage power development.
  • Use the proper technique for sprinting.
  • Learning functional core training concepts and how it relates to sports.
  • Using mobility drills to help reduce the risk of injury.
  • Adopt proper nutrition habits for athletic training.
  • Develop a peak performance mindset.

Attention: High School + Middle School Athletes!

You are spending all of your time in sports practices and games! Not enough time is being dedicated to training for your sport(s) and athletic development!


This is the Perfect Age

This is the right time to begin movement training to maximize on-the-field results!


Get a Competitive Edge

The competition is getting tougher. You are pushing for a roster spot or playing against better opponents, training for your sport will give you the edge you need!


Power and Speed Development

Two necessities for all sports are power and explosiveness. Getting each individual to improve these skills are the primary focus of our athletic development strategy.


In-Season Training

Spring time is a busy time for sports. But training should not be ignored during a sports season. Athletes new to movement training can benefit from in-season training to continue athletic development and help reduce the risk of injury. You only need 1 - 2 days per week to see the benefits of in-season training with on-field performance. 


Fall Sports Athletes

This is a great opportunity to get ready for the season. Fall pre-season typically begins in August. This gives you 4 - 5 months to train and prepare for your best season to date! Training frequency of 2 - 3 days per week can be a the gamechanger you are looking for!

Coaching Focused Philosophy

My name is Joe Bellistri.

I am a strength and conditioning coach with nearly 20 years of experience working with student athletes.

I owned and operated a sports performance facility in Morris County for 10 years.

Collaborate with medical professionals and help their athlete patients return to play once rehabilitation was complete.

I'm also the Player Development Coordinator for the SPF PAL and Volunteer Football Coach.

My coaching philosophy is based on education first. I teach the athletes how to perform the exercises and drills.

As they understand and show improvement, training strategies are progressed with speed and adding resistance.

All athletes must show competency in bodyweight movement before any progressions are introduced.

Your athlete can try Dynamic Athletes for free. Schedule your free trial today!

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Schedule and Monthly Investment

Create your own schedule! All team members have access to the training schedule and select days / times that work for them.

Each group is limited to 15 athletes at one time. This allows for appropriate distancing and individualized coaching and progress tracking.

Training Sessions:

Monday - Friday 3:15, 4:15, 5:15 at Farley Park, 436 Farley Ave, Scotch Plains, NJ (Additional times available as needed)

Training Frequency:

Monthly options of 6, 8, or 10 sessions. (Additional sessions can be added on an individual basis)

Monthly Membership Model:

Flexibility to update training frequency each month. Price per session is between $15 - $18.

The Results are Real!

I have had the pleasure of working with Joe Bellistri for several years. He is a skilled movement specialist whose expertise has benefitted elite athletes looking for performance enhancement and recovering from injuries.

Gregory Mulford, MD - Medical Director, Atlantic Health System

Before I started with Dynamic Athletes, I could only jump and touch the backboard. After 3 weeks of the Power and Speed program, I could touch the rim!" (Editor's note: There is a about a 6" difference between the backboard and rim.)

13 year-old basketball player

"After only 5 weeks my son has seen significant improvements in speed and stamina. He previously was always in the back of the group during conditioning. Now he is in the front!"

Mother of a freshman basketball player

"After 4 weeks of the Rotational Power and Speed program, my pitching coach said my velocity has increased!"

15U club baseball pitcher

"Coach Joe helped me understand the mechanics of the baseball swing and gave me exercises to learn each step. After only a few weeks, I am swinging harder and my bat is moving through the hitting zone with more power!"

15U club baseball player15U club baseball player




Let me know if you have any questions...